Security cam feature edition

I have a large mesh network if I have a note fail and there’s a camera connected to it will go connect to another node but it may be a node that’s too far away. Should be ability to actually tell a camera to go try and reattach to a network again so I can pick up the node after it’s back online.

Hey @Urug! The nature of a mesh network is to provide multiple access points with network resources to be accessed via the same SSID throughout your home. Our devices connect securely to a network, and will connect to the strongest or prioritized signal of that network. The fluctuation between nodes you are experiencing is best resolved through access point placement and network settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

MY response to your answer:

Well the cameras connecting to the strongest is not the problem. If I have a node that is 10 feet away and it is operating, it will connect to it, no problem. BUT if that node goes down for some reason, the camera will connect to the NEXT node it finds that is the strongest signal. NOW when the problem node comes back up, the camera WILL NOT reconnect to it. It sometimes take DAYS to connect to the closest and strongest node after this condition exists and sometimes NEVER. My suggestion is have a “BUTTON” to tell the camera to RECONNECT to the strongest node again. In my case, in one location, if the camera is connected to the close node it is at a -32, than if that node has a problem it connects to the next strongest node which is -75 and will not reconnect to the close node, sometime forever until you power cycle the camera. I hope this explains the problem better???>