Secondary Door

What exactly is the purpose of assigning “Secondary Door” to a seldom-used exit, and how does the system use it? How does it work?

Secondary door means that it will set off the alarm as soon as it’s opened. The main door can has a delay on exit and entering so you can use the keypad to disarm.

That’s what I thought, but what a shame. My past system (ADT) allowed multiple exit doors, each with an exit/entry delay, such as the front door AND the kitchen-to-garage door. Much more convenient. Let’s add it to my wish list, Ring?

You can make as many doors as you’d like as main doors. Just need to make sure the sensors are set to it. Then the delay will work on them as well. So you can have front and back as main and say a garage door set differently to second. It’s your choice.

Solves my problem - thanks. (Why didn’t I think of that?)

Ring is a bit complicated. It has so many options. It can be easy to not see something when you first start off. Glad I could help.