Second Generation Door Sensor - Tamper Notification

This morning I was at home and the second generation ring alarm was disarmed. I received a notification on my phone stating one of my door sensors was tampered with. I could see the door from where I was sitting and no one touched the door sensor. The ring alarm has been installed for about 3 weeks and has been working fine. I called ring for technical support and was asked to slide the sensor off the backing and slide it back on again. Then they told me to open and close the door a few times. Then they told me everything is fine and it’s working now. This does not tell me why this happened and it does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling that it will not happen again when the system is armed and I am out of town. I assume the alarm will trigger if this happens when the system is armed. Has this happened to anyone else and did it happen again after performing the steps technical support requested? I also have three range extenders between my base station and this door sensor. The person from technical support said I may need an additional range extender because it shows there is a weak connection between this sensor and the base station. However, a weak signal and “tampered with” are two completely different scenarios. Also, I have a motion sensor that is further away from the base station in the same area as this door sensor and it does not have a weak signal. Any advice on how to prevent this from occuring again?

Hi @Lankan! When arming your Alarm system, the Alarm will check the status of all of your Sensors and Alarm components. If the Sensor shows as tampered or faulted in the system, whether due to the cover being off or Sensor being activated, your Alarm system will indicate this prior to completing your arm command. The Alarm will likely ask if you would like to bypass the Sensor.

If nothing is done, or this message is missed when arming, the Alarm will cancel the arming request after a few moments. You will have the option to either bypass the Sensor for that armed mode, if desired, or you can check the status of the Sensor and re-arm when ready.

This will ensure that your Alarm system is armed properly when you need it to be, going forward. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: