Second Base Station needed?

I have ring alarm and base station with the doorbell and a few other sensors around my house. I am building a new pool house that is about 200 feet away from our house and out of range of the base station (with no possibility of using range extenders in between). Do I need to purchase and set up a second base station to add cameras and sensors in the pool house and have it connected to our alarm?

Hey @Ring6755. You will indeed need a second Base Station in order for that pool house to be monitored for you! You can check our this thread here for more information on what options you have with the monitoring setup for a situation similar to yours. You’ll need to ensure the internal connection out in the pool house is stable even to also accommodate for a second Base Station to be set up, as well as cameras if you plan to add those! Please note that having the second Base Station will also make a second location in your phone and therefore you may need another plan.

If having the second location does not seem like an ideal solution, I would recommend to add any cameras you want to put at the pool house onto the location you already have set up, and just specifying on the name of the device that it’s at your pool house.