Searching for a Flat Alternative

Does anyone know if Ring offers a camera that is flat like the doorbell camera but is just the camera? If not please feel free to provide a alternative that works with the ring system. Living in an apartment with the Ring Peephole Video Doorbeel but it doesn’t catch the people that drop and run due to some delay in the Ring Detection vs Recording aspect. I’d like to have a smaller, less noticeable camera to put on my doorway to see more of outside my door.

Hi there, @ThatNeighbor89! For this area, our battery-powered Video Doorbells will be the best solution. We recently announced the Video Doorbell 4, which features a pre-roll that will help improve how much of a motion is event is captured in your recordings. It is currently available for pre-order at the link above. Feel free to also browse the other devices available there. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: