Search Engine an Absolute Necessity

All that’s missing to bring this product on par with other wired camera systems is a search engine. The search engine should allow the end user to select the days, date and time such as ( 12PM 11/8/2020 to 12PM 11/9/202 ) you wanted to review. Once these video links are gathered there needs to be a button labeled (download) at which time all video’s ring links of every events that took place within this search criteria, no matter how many, are compiled into a folder. The program should then allow you to e-mail this folder as a ( package and transfer ) to law enforcement for review and safe keeping. I’ve had a few occasions already where an officer has showed up at my door asking if I saw a particular style, color, make and model vehicle pass by.

Most communities law enforcement has the ability to access Ring videos as you can give them access.
Emailing a large video via email isn’t going to happen as most emails systems don’t support large files. The best you can do is to download the video yourself, and then use a file share service.
Also, if you are using battery powered devices they don’t record 24/7 so your suggestion is only going to work for hard wired devices.
Posting your suggestion here isn’t going to result in any feature changes to Ring’s products. You should post here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) and folks will vote on your suggestion. If enough people do, then Ring might, a big might, take notice.

I don’t use any battery power camera’s, I do record 24-7-365 and I give the video ring link directly to the PD for them to review and download. If I stitch several camera’s videos together to create large files I use to get the link directly to the officers laptop. Have done this about 288 times to date. I did give the PD access to at least three of my cameras. It’s a shame RING doesn’t have an e-mail we can send ideas to directly like and have real people read them and pass them along.

Fortunately for them they don’t.
If you want your suggestion to be possibly seen in a future update, post where I suggested as that’s the only place that is seen by the devs. Of course, enough people will have to vote on it for the devs to take notice.
Repeatedly posting the same idea here is pointless.