Screenshot preview in notification not working

Hi I have a hard wired ring video doorbell and recently I’ve stopped getting the screenshot previews on my notifications on my iPhone. I’ve looked at the setting and there’s no smart notifications anywhere in the app and the rich notification settings have disappeared as well. Any help?

Hi @Beechgarden. The Ring system is currently experiencing difficulties. We are working hard to resolve this. You can track the status of this by clinking the red banner at the top of the page or go to Thank you for you patience while we fix this.

Hi my rich notifications have not been working for at least 6 days I’ve done everything reset WiFi deleted reinstalled app and still not working mine is hard wired and it’s really doing my nut in now maybe it’s so you buy the newest version if not please hurry up and sort this problem out or actually get rid of the rich notifications if you can’t use them it’s ridiculous I’m paying a subscription for something I can’t even use all the best stay safe and well and all keep your fingers crossed

Hi @Gary19802008. Welcome to the Ring Community. For your concern, check the marked solution for this post.