Screen Size

Why cant I enlarge the screen to get a better live view?

Hi @CHIEF1731, if you rotate your phone to be horizontal while in Live View this should show the video stream full screen. Then you should be able to zoom in on the Live View stream.

Also, I moved this post to the App board as this might help other neighbors looking for information regarding Live View with their app as well.

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Pinch to zoom in/out just stoped working on my iPhone 11 Pro 12/25/2019 using the Ring Doorbell. Worked fine before that. No recent Apple updates to cause the glitch.
Does zoom in on the Rapid Ring app which I just installed.

There was an update if you read the posts above…

Would love to have an option on the Macbook version of the app to click and expand playing video to full screen mode instead of having to drag the edges to resize the screen everytime.

It would also be nice to be able to leave a video window open and have any video clicked play in that window instead of having to close, start video and resize everytime. Would make reviewing all the files a lot easier.

Mobile device version works nicely.

Thank you!