screen size on chromebook

is there a way to have the app fullscreen rather than just in the center 1/3 of the screen ?

on live view i need to get right up to screen to see it and the only zoom is double click that barely enlarges it within the view.

Hi @Mltoys123. Do you have the orientation locked on your Chromebook? If you’re able to have the orientation so it’s free and unlocked, then you tilt the Chromebook to the side, it should be able to turn the screen of the app possibly. If this is not the case, since the Ring app is not fully integrated yet with a personal app for the Chromebook, it is just using the basic app that would be used on mobile too. Please note that the mobile app on Androids and iPhones cannot be rotated as well, but the orientation is normally already fit to the screen of those devices, so there isn’t a need to turn them like how you need on your Chromebook.

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I use an app called rotation control for my tablet that sets it to landscape. It should work with a Chromebook too


well its a 14 inch laptop so kinda tough to do.

thanks anyway