Screen reverts to portrait mode after leaving live view.

Hi @Laddiemac1! This is intended as the Ring app is designed to provide quick access to your devices and features. The in app pages are in portrait view, but videos can be viewed in both portrait and landscape mode. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks, but on an iPad, it’s not convenient to keep turning it back and forth. I liked it as before. There should be a way to keep it in landscape mode, but that’s up to the programmer. Ciao!


I have same issue. When selecting camera show picture stating tap to go live. But if you want to scroll back you must now hit the X butten and now turn ipad to portrait to watch. This happened with latest ring update. If this is how its designed then why has it always work before this update. Now i must take ipad out of holder on counter turn sideway to view a smaller screen. Makes no sense. All you have done is made your app harder to use.

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Same here. This is flat wrong. The way the app used to work before the update was just fine. I don’t want to have to rotate my iPad to change the views. I suspect most iPad/tablet users, just use landscape mode. I’m not aware of an app that forces you to rotate the device. Though many give you the option of one view or the other, but that is different than what Ring has done.

Also, when I click on the video, I would prefer it not come up with the live view option right away, though I could live with that if I closed it and it did not change to portrait mode.

Lastly, it was nice in one of the previous versions to have the time stamp in the bubbles below the cam shots rather than having to scroll over to see the time off to the left side of the cam shot

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The latest Ring update 5.25.0 for iPad and iPhone introduced this annoying bug. Now when you view a camera it only lets you view the latest video instead of seeing the timeline and being able to scrub through all videos. If you tap the change view icon in the lower right corner or physically turn the device it rotates to portrait mode where you get the timeline and can scrub through recent videos. It is very annoying that it only works in portrait mode when a week ago it worked in landscape mode. Since the cameras video in landscape mode it fills the screen better in landscape mode and is harder to see detail in portrait mode. If you could see the timeline and motion events in both landscape and portrait mode then it would be back to normal and there would be happy customers. The change has affected all of our iPads and iPhones so it is not a device issue.

Thank you for you help in addressing this bug.

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I don’t like this change. Prior to version 5.25 it worked just fine. It doesn’t work for me to have to rotate my iPad to use the timeline. Please fix this.


We hear you neighbors, this has been submitted to the team. We will monitor the situation and update the Community with news along the way. Thank you letting us know about this, neighbors!


Thanks for the update - having been a Ring user for +3 years now. this issue has only been introduced in the latest update, and therefore, would suggest that someone accidentally introduced something to fix another issue.

Good news if it’ll be reverted - since it’s quite annoying, especially on an IPAD/Tablet.


This is no acceptable…

My iPad is in the landscape mode 95% of the time so i can use the keyboard attachment. Having to rotate and hold it to view videos is not good.

People should be able to choose landscape or portrate and swap between them at will.

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  • I agree that this is new and unacceptable. I have 4 cameras and have used the app on my iPad to review the events from overnight each morning. I I just spoke to customer support and apparently they’re going to do something to revert the functionality for me in the next 24 hours. I’ll keep you posted.

As I use my iPad in landscape mode with a keyboad to manage multiple cams, this release is a significant reduction in functionality for me. Not being able to effectively use my iPad to review videos in landscape mode (like I was able to do before) has negatively impacted my use of Ring. Would be much better if Ring can revert to the previous (well designed) functionality.


Dear Ring,

Another vote here to fix this terribly annoying bug. This is a user experience 101 mistake, Ring… My wife thinks I’m trying to drive somewhere on some iPad video game because I keep holding it up and twisting it back and forth all the time.



Hey neighbors! After checking into this matter with the appropriate teams, it looks like the Timeline viewable in landscape mode was removed for consistency in the latest update of the app. Although, we heard a lot of neighbor feedback on this concern and our team is working on reverting this back to how it once was for the future. Look out for app updates in the future for when this will return! Just wanted to pass on the good news and thank you all for your feedback. We make changes only to make the neighbor experience better, and we couldn’t have gotten this pushed without your help! :slight_smile:


Yay it’s fixed! I don’t see an Accepted Solution button, but thank you!

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Why on earth would I use the TABLET in portrait mode to use the app? Did anyone from development used a tablet? My tablets are fixed to the wall in LANDSCAPE mode and imagine how I constantly tilt my head 90 degrees to use the app in portrait.

So, dear Ring app developers try to use common sense and not fix something that is not broken. I can not use the app in current state.

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Not on my windows 7 computer, it still keeps telling me to turn my device. My monitor is 27 inches

Hello, I guess this is a bit old now. I joined ring today with my first doorbell, mostly good experiences on ios phone/ tablets, PC. But I have one landscape mounted android device that is doing my head in.
Live view is fine but when leaving it to look at time line/dashboard it reverts to portrait mode which is just stupid. It does not do this on ios so I dont see how it can be by design. Perhaps I am missing a simple setting but I shouldn’t have to use a third party app to try to correct this. I have found a few threads on this but none that look to be resolved. It works fine on IOS so it is also not a feature request. Not sure if this is the best place to post but its a start.

Hi @timmo65. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! I checked with my team on this and they informed me that the designed functionality of the Ring App on both platforms is that it should revert back to portrait mode when you end Live View. With that said, I did pass on your feedback regarding the desire for it to stay in landscape mode after ending Live View. Thank you again for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks. That is not correct. If by both platforms you mean Android and IOS then that might be the case for iphone but it most certainly is not for IPAD - running latest IOS. I have test on multiple devices and IOS IPAD does not revert to portrait when leaving live view. If you are viewing in landscape for live view why on earth would you want to automatically switch to portrait. At least give the user the choice and add an item in the settings to turn this on or off. I am not the only one as you can see from this and other threads. Please keep on to the developers and if this is not on the list of planned upgrades please make it so.

Common sense dictates that content displayed on a mobile device screen (or a laptop display, desktop display, etc.) should always match the orientation of the screen/display. I think you would be hard-pressed to argue otherwise.

If you want to see an example of how ludicrous/irritating it is if this (well-established industry standard) rule of thumb is not followed:

  • Grab a device running the latest version of iPadOS and the Ring app.
  • Physically place the iPad device in a Landscape orientation (i.e., horizontally).
  • Launch the Ring app.
  • In the Ring app, click the “Neighbors” tile (to launch the Neighbors app).
  • Click on the icon that allows you to view the posts for a given video clip.
  • Click the “<“ icon in the upper left corner of the screen to return to the previous screen.
  • Even though your iPad device is (physically) in a Landscape orientation, Neighbors app content will be displayed in Portrait mode. (As you would guess, this is even more irritating if you have a keyboard attached.)
  • Click on the “<“ icon to return to the Ring app.
  • Even though your iPad device is in a Landscape orientation, the Ring app content will be displayed in Portrait mode.
  • Depending on what you do next, Ring app content will either be displayed in Portrait mode or will switch to Landscape mode. (For example, the screen may continue to remain in Portrait mode until you do something like view a video clip.)