Screen like covered with black square

Hi all,first post on here.
I have a video doorbell 4 but for some reason when you view it i get a black screen, it’s like someone has put a square piece of paper over the lens as you can very slightly see the edges .
I have removed the battery and done a full factory reset and Wi-Fi is full and online.
It just went like this, tried to look back at a delivery and Black, so tried live view and same.

If you’ve verified that there’s no tape over your camera’s lens then contact Support for troubleshooting options and possible return/replacement.


Are you, by any chance, using an IOS (or iPadOS) version of the Ring app? Are you also using Ring’s End-to-End Encryption feature? If so, are you running the current version of both the OS and the Ring app?

Your problem may (or may not) be the similar to a problem I experienced months ago (on a different Ring device).

In my case, a large, Black rectangle covered a portion of the screen (instead of the entire screen). It was an incredibly annoying problem that caused serious security problems.

When it first appeared, I thought it (visually) looked like a Privacy Zone that could not be selected and/or deleted. Unfortunately, at the time, the Privacy Zone feature seemed very flaky/buggy. (Fortunately, at this point, the Privacy Zone feature may be far more stable.)

At the time, I tried all sorts of possible solutions to fix the problem – to no avail. If I remember correctly, the Black rectangle eventually disappeared from the screen.