Schlage encode will not deactivate alarm

It was my understanding that the Schlage encode was fully compatible with the ring. I purchased one and installed it along with my ring alarm system. I know that the encode can stand alone but there was nowhere that said it didn’t work with the ring alarm. I want to be able to have a sensor on my front door and my parents be able to access my house without having to go to the keypad every time. Please tell me that ring didn’t falsely claim it was compatible just because you can unlock or lock from the app???

Hi @tonyablackwell. This depends on which model of Schlage smart lock you have, as some models are compatible with the Ring Alarm. You can check the compatibility list of which smart locks work with the Ring Alarm in our Help Center Article here. As for how the integration works when you have a smart lock that is compatible with the Ring Alarm, you can read more about it here as well. I hope this information is helpful in answering any questions you have. :slight_smile: