Schlage Encode Lock

I purchased a Schlage Encode lock over the weekend. I utilized the “Works with Ring” program to set up the Schlage lock via the Schlage Home app and then linked my Schlage account with my Ring account/app so that I could control the lock from my Ring app.

Locking and Unlocking the Schlage lock from my Ring app worked perfectly for the first 48 hours. However, beginning today, the lock (Back Door) is mysteriously listed as “offline” within my Ring app. I haven’t changed a thing since the initial install, yet it effectively stopped working today (see photo).

Any ideas as to what in the world may have happened? I wanted to get the Encode lock because it was ‘Wifi’ instead of Z-Wave (because Z-Wave is a little clunky to set up). However, after this, I’m beginning to wonder if that was a good idea since my Z-Wave lock has never had an issue once I got past the initial setup. You’ll notice on the attached photo that the Z-Wave lock (Front Door) is online, up & running.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I’ve tried re-connecting the back door lock to my Wifi network (myWifi at home has a VERY strong signal), yet that hasn’t helped to resolve the issue.

Hi @tgaleza. Try running a speed test at the location of your Schlage Encode lock is, to see how the signal is at that location. Also, try connecting to a 2.4GHz network, as this is usually much more reliable compared to a 5.0GHz network. I would also check with Schlage to see if there is any specific WiFi channels that work best with your specific model. I hope this helps.