Schlage Encode Lock and Ring Doorbell Pro in Canada

Dear Team,

How can I connect my Schlage Encode Lock with my Ring Doorbell Pro in Canada?

I am trying to download Keys by Amazon, but I think it’s not available in Canada!!!

When I asked the customer services rep I was told that lock will work with doorbell without any problem in Canada. I don’t want to buy or connect it with Ring Security.

Can someone help me in this regards???

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @EelSa. The Schlage Encode Wifi Lock is set up in the Ring app but through the Key by Amazon service. Therefore, you must be able to use and create a Key by Amazon account, but Key by Amazon is not currently available in Canada. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused you, but I recommend returning the wifi lock since it is not compatible with your location. If you’d like and if you have a Ring Alarm system, you can purchase a Z-Wave lock that will work with the Ring Alarm system, which you can learn more about here.