Schlage Connect Zwave plus lock settings not found in the Ring Dashboard, only lock/unlock

ok i have the new Schlage Connect with Zwave Plus technology and yes it does connect via ring app, however the issue i am having is after setting it up it has the lock and unlock on the dashboard but not the settings.

Initially it asked during setup of all the settings for example anytime i lock or unlock door it can also arm and disarm Ring security.

So i finished setup with all settings i wanted and its not performing those functions.
yes it locks and unlocks the front door , however it does not do anything else and there are NO SETTINGS Icons on the dashboard for the Schlage Connect Lock. so i cant go and change settings they offered during setup.

so Two questions,

One how do i get to settings for the Schlage Connect lock through the Ring app?

there doesnt seem to be an APP through Schlage for this lock, yes the encode and other wifi locks have an app, this does not, it has to be combined with zwave security systems home like Ring.

two not as important,

is there also a way to combine this with my Ring video doorbell? like when i unlock the door it can unarm the security system and shut off motion on video doorbell?

thanks in advance

ok this is what i now see is going on,

if i lock the door manually with touching logo it arms, if i manually enter the code it disarms…

Yet with the Ring app dashboard i lock and unlock the lock it does not function that way…


I believe it should i also believe the ring app Schlage on the dashboard should have settings access to adjust these etc

why does it not?

I feel like this should be sent to troubleshooting department and have this issue fixed or added.


Hi @Thebill. You should be able to add a Shortcut to the Ring app Dashboard to help you with this. On the Dashboard, swipe left over your Shortcut tiles and tap on the Edit tile. From there, you can add the Locks tile. Check out this Community post here for some more information on this. I hope this helps!

the lock is in the APP thats not the issue i can lock/unlock but can not find settings and it does not arm and disarm the ring lie it does when i use the lock manually…
the app is lacking or corrupted in the dashboard.

the lock shortcut is visible and active ,

again thats not the issue the LOCK Shortcut only allows me to lock/unlock door.

however my issue is i can not edit settings for lock and when i lock the doors its supposed to arm the ring security and unlock door disarms.

this function works if i go to the lock and manually , lock the door the ring arms, unlock with code it disarms…

so i know the lock is functioning and integrated with Ring but on the dashboard the lock shortcut only locks and unlocks and missing any setting functions and does NOT arm and disarm alarm…

can you ask a IT tech support if the RING APP Schlage connect lock shortcut should function normal and include a settings option?

i believe it should.


Hi @Thebill. Thanks for clarification. This is normal operation. When you manually lock the Smart lock, if the pin code is the same as the Ring Alarm system, it will Arm/Disarm accordingly. If you are using the Ring app to lock/unlock, you’ll have to tap the appropriate Arm/Disarm button on the Dashboard.

I can absolutely see the value of having this done all in one step. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

as much of a disappointment as that is the bigger issue is Schlage doe NOT offer an APP for this lock, they are dependent on the APP we chose to use with it , in this case RING but the Ring App also doesnt have way to access the settings in the lock and adjust/change them like we did at setup…

so yes i believe the Ring APP needs to update the Schlage lock widget to include settings and for it to do all the functions the lock offers.

Im guessing and maybe you can confirm maybe i have to do this using Alexa or KEY app?

if i use one of those apps will it resolve my issues and give me full functionality of the lock and alarm?

I dont believe the lock portion of the dashboard is functioning normally…



Ring Alarm

Easily pair your lock with the Ring Alarm Base Station and control it using the Ring App.

  • Lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Add or remove access codes via the app
  • Get app alerts when a user code is entered
  • Check the battery level via the app


that right of their website. Again in my Ring dashboard, it can only lock and unlock , it has no access to lock settings and i believe it should…

can someone help verify this i mean Schlage states it should do all those things?

This is correct, @Thebill. A compatible Works With Ring Schlage smart lock can unlock / lock from the dashboard, and your Ring app menu options will allow you access to the smart lock options in the Ring app.

In your Ring app, open the menu > tap Devices > visit Alarm > and choose the lock showing under the security devices list. This should bring you to the additional options listed above for your lock in the Ring app.

As these require an Alarm Base Station for the connection and operation in the Ring app, please ensure the Base Station is close to the Smart Lock during connection/ setup. If this was not the case during initial setup, setting up again with the devices close in proximity can help.

tanks that was what i was looking for and after 20 emails you are the one who resolved it, thanks