Schlage connect zwave locks no longer able to be scheduled

Previously I was able to set a schedule through the ring app to lock my Schlage Connect lock at a certain time. This function does not appear to be available in the app now. Is there a way to access it again?

Hi @gjosu45. I would check out this Help Center article here, as it sounds like this is what you are talking about. I hope this helps!

Thank you for the response, but my question was not about arming the security system. I want the door lock to auto-lock at a certain time. Previously this was a setting that could be controlled (our lock would lock itself at 9pm every night). Now it no longer does this and the setting appears to be gone. I would like this functionality put back into the ring app.

Hi @gjosu45. Thanks for clarifying that. The Ring app does not have this functionality. I suggest adding interest to this Feature Request here. Additionally, you can try adding an Alexa Routine to achieve this.