Schlage Century lock with Homekit and Ring Alarm


I’m looking at the Schlage Century smart lock with Homekit support ( There are multiple models and most have Z-Wave support. I’m interested in the non Z-Wave model because it has Homekit support. If I buy the Schlage Sense Wifi adapter (, will that be supported by the Ring Alarm System to lock/unlock?

Thank you

Glad you asked @mrdavid! At this time the Schlage Sense wifi adapter is not compatible with Alarm, nor is the Schlage Century model lock unfortunately. There are, however, many Schlage model smart locks that will work with Ring Alarm. Check out our Works With Ring lock compatibility list here, to see what model might best fit your setup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@marley_ring Hi, I’d like to jump in and clarify if that’s okay. Century from Schlage is a trim style not a lock model. The Schlage Encode is listed on the Ring website as directly compatible with the Ring Base station with no need for a SmartThings hub and it is available in both Camelot trim and Century trim (design style). Ring’s website only shows the Schlage Encode available in Camelot trim. Are you saying the Schlage Encode in Century Trim is different and somehow not compatible with Ring? -john

@jwages We will just jump around with people, not a problem! Let me clear this up for you. We have two different “types” of smart locks that we sell through Ring, that work with Ring. The first and only wifi lock that we sell is the Wifi Schlage Encode Lock. This lock can be set up with the Ring app through the pairing that we have with the Ring app + Key by Amazon. You do not need a Ring Alarm Base Station to set up this lock. There can only be one of this lock per location on the Ring app.

The second kind of smart lock that we sell is the Z-Wave compatible lock. You can find the full list of locks that are Z-Wave compatible that we support here, or a list of the lock we sell directly through here (exclude the wifi lock, as we sell it, but this is addressed with compatibility before). A Z-Wave lock will require the Ring Alarm Base Station, as the Base Station makes the Z-Wave frequency for it to connect to. Any lock that you may run into that is not the wifi model that we have on our website, or a lock from the list included of Z-Wave locks, will not be promised to work with the Ring app at this time. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile:

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