Schedule In-home Cime On/Off

I would like to set a schedule for the in-home hardwired mechanical chime. (Not a ring device.) I am home most every day, during the day, and sit where I can see someone walking up to the door. Otherwise, I get a notification if someone rings the bell.

During the evenings, I may be out or in another part of the house, so my wife and child would be the ones who would answer the door. My wife does not always have her phone on her to get the notifications, so the chime needs to be on.

I always forget to turn it back on in the evenings. Is there a way to set a schedule for this, or use the iPhone Shortcuts app to create a quick butting instead of needing to navigate through multiple levels of the Ring app?

Good question, @Mnmrmstrd7! This can be accomplished via the Chime Snooze feature. The Snooze feature allows you to silence notifications for a specified duration of time, in which your alerts would continue automatically once that time ends. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: