Scary Situation With Ring PeepHole

The average time for the peep cam is 60 seconds. This guy tested the camera by staying in front of the camera for 6o seconds. After that, the blue time strip started bouncing because it needed more time to view him. Once this happened he proceeded to walk towards my door, which gave me the impression that he was gonna gain entrance into my apartment and stay there until I get home. The camera ended and I had to take a chance in coming home not knowing if he was there or not. However, I did get advance set up and he tried it again, but the camera kept recording. I hope RING will take this under consideration and work on a way for the camera to continue to roll. This is important for apartment dwellers as this would help when we are not home.

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You’ll be glad to see that controlling your Video Recording length is an option in the Ring app.

It looks like the maximum length is 120 seconds. Please note this can impact battery life.