Scammed with the non-optional free trial

I purchased my doorbell on the 5th March, knowing that there was a subscription price rise coming on 11th March. Once my camera arrived and was installed, I purchased the subscription at £34.99 for the year.

All Ring doorbells come with a free trial, which you cannot opt out of, however the wording (that, as of writing, is still there) on the website states that as long as you sign up before the price hike, the original price will be honoured but you won’t actually be billed until after the end of the free trial period.

It states: What if I am on a Ring Protect Trial when the price changes?

If you subscribe to Ring Protect Basic during your free trial you will be billed for your paid subscription the day after your trial ends. If you do not subscribe to a paid Basic plan by 10th March, 2024, your Basic subscription price will be [new prices].

I selected “Pay annually - £34.99” on 10th March 2024.

The original price has not been honoured, and I have been charged the new rate. When I have contacted Ring support I’ve been told “we can’t refund, this is how our system works, we won’t refund you, there is no further escalation point”. The “manager” of both the Customer Service and Tech Support teams (really?) Shaimaa was rude and unhelpful, and just kept reading from the same script. The information she was reading was directly opposite what was being advertised on the Ring website.

I have genuinely never received such poor customer service, and I am astonished that a company that is part of Amazon is allowed to behave this way. I have never had anything but positive interactions from the Amazon customer service team, which makes this experience all the more disappointing.

Screenshot for reference: