Says Connected - Not so much

Both my Windows 10 (after a refresh) and my Android app insist that my doorbells are connected bit I know for a fact they are not. How you asked…well, because I’m making changes to the network and turned off their wifi access point.

Thoughts on this behavior?

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There is no offline notification. That just means they’re connected to the account. If you try to initiate a live view, it will fail.

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Hey @David , this is actually intended behavior. There is a check in time before the App reports the device is offline when wifi connection is lost. This time frame is greater with battery powered devices, but you will notice live view and other functions will not work during this time, as @abqnm confirmed. If you would like an offline notification to be an option, it would make for a solid feature request in this Community thread that we will be happy to share with the team!