Says connected but doesn’t work

I just purchased an indoor ring cam to install at our condo. The condo Wi-Fi is shared from the home owners association. When I connect to the condo Wi-Fi it says it connects and set up was successful however the cam does not work. I took it to our home to try on our home Wi-Fi and it connected and worked fine. At the condo though it did not work again. When you first sign in to the condo Wi-Fi from a phone or computer it brings up a page telling you that you have to agree to the terms before it lets you connect. Could this be the problem. If so how do I get around it?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @Bobby918. Testing out the Indoor Cam on a different wifi network was a great troubleshooting step to isolate the cause of the problem. The wifi network at your condo requiring you to agree to the terms of service is likely why your Indoor Cam cannot fully connect. You can try checking with whoever is in charge of the wifi network at your condo to see if a guest network of some sort could be created that doesn’t require agreeing to terms of service.