Saving video files

This may seem like a basic question but how can I download and save my video clips to my desktop. I pay for Ring Protect so I should be able to star, and download video clips. But i do not see any option to download. I can put a star next to the clips I want to keep (even though the star does not remain after each session: i stared 10 videos yesterday and then none of them showed up today when i filtered for starred videos.)

If someone can guide me on where to go to figure out how to download these clips i would appriciate it. I am using a PC and running Windows 10 . I tried downloading on both the Chrome browser and the Internet Explorer and had the same problem on both

Hi @bentbandit. We are making some improvements to the website so viewing your history may not be ideal at this time. Our teams isolated this to a concern with Chrome and Internet Explorer, so I have a feeling you’re running into this. No worries! Could you download the Windows app for your computer? It will have similar viewing and downloading abilities as the Ring mobile app, while still being on your computer so files can save directly there. Let me know if you need any help navigating through that app, as I have it on my Windows computer as well and can guide you through it. :slight_smile:

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I have the same question as bentbandit, but the reply doesn’t help.

  1. I can select multiple events to download, but there is no indication as to whether they are being/have been downloaded.
  2. Where are the ydownloaded to? Some designated file? My “Downloads” directory? A Cloud file?
  3. Is there someplace I can read about the whole process for iOS, Windows, Android?

Hi @santeeslim. This is likely going to depend on the device you’re using. I have an iPhone, and when I download an event from my Event History, it then appears in my Photos app, which is where I view all photos or videos. I imagine this would work similarly on an Android device.

If you’re downloading from on a computer, you should see a download pop-up at the bottom of your browser whenever you download anything. You can then click on that download to either open it or show where it is in the folders on your computer. I’ll share a screenshot below so you can see what this looks like.