Samsung S8 Alerts/Notifications

My wife and I both have the same Samsung S8 phones, on the same plan, with the same carrier.

After both of us being able to receive alerts/notifications from our Ring Doorbell Pro for almost a year, now only one of the phone are receiving them.

In comparing the settings on the Ring apps installed on the phones, it would appear the settings are the same.

I have attempted a Hard Reset by holding the side button down for 15 seconds on the Ring Doorbell Pro, but that did not make a difference.

The Ring Doorbell is connected to our local WiFi as are our Samsung S8’s.

The phone that is not receiving the alerts/notifications is receiving both live video and audio as well as the history is available for review…so the S8 is connecting to the Ring Doorbell Pro. It is just not notifiying the alerts/notifications.

I am truley stumped. Anyone else experience this issue? How was it resolved?

Hi there, @flyingw! Have you attempted to remove the Ring app, reboot your phone (turn if off/on) and then reinstall the app? Let me know if this helps!

Same here, I have to reboot my S8 phone every 2 to 3 days in order to receive alerts
I have also uninstalled/reinstalled the app 2 times and also deleted the cache memory - the alert did come in after but again stopped working after a couple days… Very frustrating!

This was never an issue for the last 2 years, just started happening about 1 month ago

Samsung has some issues with notifications. Read the 2 articles. They should help.

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