samsung J7 w/android Oreo --> Device list white space and no info


I have a samsung J7 w/android Oreo.

For some reason the device list comes out with a looottttt of white space and no details (on the main Devices list page) of any device just images.

In the attached you could see that there is only 1 device (contact sensor) on each “app-page” and no data to describe it.

Rest of the devices are shown below (Same - w/o any info).

BTW if I press the device I get in to the info page - which is OK.

Is there a fix for that?

You can try uninstalling the app. Restart your phone and then reinstall the Ring app again. It should be much more detail then that.

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Hi, Sorry it took me so much time.

Didn’t work - still ~1 device per “page”.

I do like to clerify that it started about ~1-2 months ago (as far I can remember). Before that device list was shown (on the app) just fine.

Hi @EranCarmon! Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone and then reinstalling the Ring app to see if it still looks the same? In addition, let me know what your OS version is if this view is still obscured by the white boxes. Lastly, could you please take a screen recording of you opening the Ring app, going into the list of your Devices, and how this looks still for your Alarm Devices? Have this screen recording will help a lot to pass onto the appropriate teams to see what could be causing this. :slight_smile:

Hi @Chelsea_Ring

Uninstalled, Rebooted, Installed - same result.

Pls find attached

  1. video: from desktop to Ring\Device list

  2. 2 screenshots: Android ver

Fingers Xed

@EranCarmon Thank you so much! I’m working with my team right now as we try to dissect why this may be happening. I appreciate the in-depth information and recordings to reference. Follow up question for you - Do you have any accessibility settings turned on? For example, font larger than normal, zoom of any kind pre-set into your phone’s settings. Let me know what settings you have enabled, and if you could try for me, if any settings are on, turn them off, and see if the app behaves the same! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Chelsea_Ring, Yes & No…

I had “High Contrast Keyboard” set to on (helps with my Dyslexia)

Removed, cleared data & chach, reconnected - no go :frowning:

Changed my device set (back) to English (instead of the original Hebrew language)…and Voilà

Can’t wait for your fix

@EranCarmon Amazing find!!! Thank you so much for this information. I have passed this onto the appropriate team who will investigate this manner further. If they need any additional information, I will make sure to ask you here. Either way, look into this being addressed and fixed in the future. I will let you know when I have a better ETA on the matter. :slight_smile:

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