Samsung galaxy s23 samsung s21 not receiving notifications

Been on the phone today over 1hr.
Spoke to support higher technical support.
Not receiving motion notifications and alerts on samsung galaxy s23 and s21. Did multiple troubleshooting. Nothing has helped spoke to someone named Yuvia. Wasted my time because she heard Alexa in the background and straightaway said the phone is the issue not the app. For 1hr on a call we tried, when she heard Alexa in the background she said Ring is not the issue. Just seemed like she wanted to fob me off. Is someone able to help or has experienced this issue?
Much appreciated

Hi @user79481 With Android, there are often various settings and even other apps that can impact notifications. I’d recommend reviewing the troubleshooting steps here first. Then, check the settings on your phone for any power saving or battery optimization options, as these are likely to suppress notifications. Some Android phones also have a limit on how many notifications can be in the notification tray at once, so you may need to regularly clear out notifications.