Samsung Galaxy A5 Compatability

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 phone, bought around 2017. I just installed the Ring Wired Video Doorbell but can’t load the Ring app on my phone, the message I get is the device isn’t compatible. Is there anything I can do to update the phone to make it compatible or do I need to get a newer version phone?

Hi @user7974. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of this error message you’re getting about the device not being compatible? I’d like to take a look so I can get a better idea of what might be causing this concern, as it could be device related, or have something to do with your phone’s OS or what version of the Ring App you’re running.

Having the most updated version of your phone operating system is recommended when running the Ring App, and you will need to ensure it meets the minimum requirements to run the Ring App. You can visit our Help Center article here for more information on this. For Android phones, Android Version 9 or higher, with access to the Google Play Store, is required for the Ring App.

Just wanted to chime in here to ensure the right information is shared for any future neighbors that may come into this topic. Thank you, neighbors!

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