Samsung Fridge and Ring Widget Hell, Ring Tech 2 Support and Tizen Developers, Pay Attention!

Well Hello there Community and Ring Support!

Recently my Samsung fridge updated its Tizen OS software and along with that came a brand new ring app. I was super stoked to have the widget on the home screen with up to three cameras selected. It would occasionally refresh just like the app on my android phone. Neat and Convenient, or so I thought…

However, the app has HUGE problems. The widget displayed on the home screen of the fridge is actually activating live view at all hours of the day on the cameras selected in the settings of the widget. I’m not talking like once or twice but recording HOURS of live view on these cameras. In one day over 8 hours for 2 cameras was recorded and uploaded. I will say it was a lovley view of my roses and privet hedge!

At this point I’ve had to disable the widget as it is starting to eat into my data allowance on my account for the month. With the widget disabled everything is now back to normal.

I did try calling your tech support and that, well how should I put it, was such a badly scripted experience.

So here is my thing.

  1. Why did this widget on my Samsung fridge do this behavior? I’ll be the FIRST to admit I thought my account had been breached in someway because of this behavior.

  2. In regards to your tech support, when asking tech support for records of whom or what activated live view on a device you" don’t have that kind of record". I’m sorry but say what!?!?! This device runs a simple linux kernel and you mean to tell me you don’t have logging on how a device was activated. Why are you trying to blow smoke up my chimney? Come on now, lets be real.

Your tech support needs hardcore work and to actually listen to the customer when they call. I could have save sooooooo much time if I didn’t have to go through a complex smart house looking for a device that was causing this behavior and doing my own troubleshooting. If you are hiring for tech support management, feel free give me a call I’ve been doing phone support management for 11.5 years.