Safety/Crime/PSA Post Removed by Ring

I created a post in regards to a person repeatedly, intentionally & loudly coughing in our & neighbors direction as we approached our home & then LAUGHED. We parked, had dinner in hand & this ignorant useless person potentially is guilty of first degree homicide if worst case scenario anything happened to us.
It was repeatedly removed after I posted in each category for crime, safety, suspicious activity & unknown person on property.

Sorry to hear about this happening to you! Of course, we take the security and privacy of our neighbors seriously, and we intend for an efficient experience in notifying you neighborhood of activity. Users of the Neighbors by Ring app are able to flag comments or posts deemed as inappropriate. Once flagged, the comment or post will disappear from your local feed and will be sent to our moderation team for a secondary review.

To ensure your posts are meeting all the proper criteria, check out our Ring Neighbors Community Guidelines. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: