RVD3 Post flashing white circle

I have just set up my RVD3 with Chime Pro. It seems to work as it should. However, when the door bell is used (someone rings, I answer) the doorbell flashes a white circle. It does this for about 5 mins and then comes off. At which point it’s ready for use again. What’s it doing or trying to do? It does it every time. It would be a problem if I had another visitor two minutes later as the bell wouldn’t work for them while it’s still flashing. Any ideas?

Hi there, @rjoseph! When answering an event there may be a light visible for the duration of the event being streamed from the Ring app, as well as while the event is recording thereafter. Once an event completes it should return to idol, or ready to capture the next event within seconds. This can depend on wifi connection efficiency. Feel free to check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing wifi signal.