RVD1 voltage and current requirements for charging with external transformer?


I would like to permanently supply the RVD1 via an external 24VAC transformer (without external bell).

Has anyone already measured this, or are these values known:
a) How much current flows through the Ring Video Doorbell 1 using the recommended 25 Ohm resistor and a 24 VAC transformer?
b) Which voltage U-RVD exists directly at the RVD-terminals (behind the pre-resistance from the point of view of the feed-in)?
c) What actual voltage U-transformer does the transformer provide under the charging conditions?
d) What is the minimum voltage required at the RVD1-terminals for permanent supply and charging?

Thank you very much.

Hello again!

Still no reply?

Did I not formulate my questions in an understandable way, or did no one really have the answers?

Remark: Please also note the appendix - it should clarify the question.
Many thaks - grelm

Hi @grelm. Here is the Help Center article for wiring directly to a transformer for the Ring Video Doorbell. For any additional wiring assistance, we recommend contacting a licensed and local electrician.

Hi Tom_Ring,

thanks for your reply.

However, your reply and your link DOES NOT ANSWER my questions.

I asked very specific questions about voltage and current.
I did not ask any question for wiring assistance.

Btw: I am a licensed electrician!

Any idea where or from whom I can get real answers (volt- and ampere-values) to my Questions?

regards - grelm

Hi @grelm. I’ve reached out to a support team for some more information on your request. Here’s what I was able to find. There is a 25mA max draw~10% per day. The actual voltage the transformer provides would be very specific to that transformer, but roughly 10-50% more than the voltage rating stamped on the transformer. The minimum voltage required would be 8 VAC. I hope this information serves you well.

Hi Tom_Ring!
Thank you very much for your research and update on questions.

@Tom_Ring wrote:

… There is a 25mA max draw~10% per day. …

Just for additional clarification:

* Does that mean, that trickle charging takes place with 25 mA for ~10% per day - which would be ~2,4 hours per day? This would be a charge of 25 mA x 2,4 hrs = 60 mAh per 24 hours? This is really not a lot!

*What is the capacity of the built-in battary of the Ring Video Doorbell (1)?

Thanks again - grelm

Hi @grelm. I currently don’t have any more information than what has been provided. To discuss more in depth electrical questions about information that is not readily available, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.