Running power into wall

Is it ok to run a ring wired cameras power cord into the wall cavity? Like if I wanted to mount the camera on the outside of the garage, drill a hole into the garage, and feed it through? With most power cords they are not supposed to be in a wall unless it’s properly shielded, was curious if the ring cable has the proper shielding.

Hey @Rovi. Since the interior of walls can vary for all of our neighbors and how their home is setup/built, I cannot say one way or another if the cord is OK to go through a wall in your home. Our advice in this type of situation is to follow your local electrical code and contact a local and licensed electrician if you want to make sure this kind of setup is OK for your home first. Regulations vary depending on where you are located, so it’s best to ask this question with them and they can tell you one way or another! :slight_smile: