Rude customer service and faulty Ring device

I bought a hardwired-ring a few months ago. It worked for a few weeks, then began to tell me I had poor connection. I contacted support, where I reset and reconnected it. Still not working, I was told I needed a wifi extender. I bought an extender, and still received poor connection to the ring (All other devices work PERFECTLY on the wifi and extender). Fast forward to now, I recently upgraded my wifi speed to the highest possible, 1000mb. I set up the router next to the ring and still received poor connection. At this point, you would know it is not an issue with my wifi. I called customer service today and spoke with someone named Rolly. After I explained my issue, he still insisted that I reset and reconnect the device, which I did. Again, we could see it was receiving poor signal (sometimes ok signal, but just like all of the other times, it always goes to poor signal). He insisted that my wifi was the issue and that I needed to contact my isp OR purchase another extender even after I already explained that did not work. I continued trying to help him understand that in no way was it possible to improve the connection-strength or distance to the ring, but he repeated the same thing. He then yelled at me telling me “IN THE MEAN TIME DO NOT USE THE LIVE VIEW…” because it can use a lot of “signal”. Rolly told me he would send me instructions on how to reset and reconnect the device next time, which I have done multiple times and it never works. Eventually, he hung up on me after almost two hours to speak with someone and spent 30 minutes on the phone with him. I do not think I have ever had a worse experience with a company, and my issue is still not resolved.

Unfortunately, with the bottom paid (likely outsourced), script reader type support that companies provide all you can do is to hang up on a poor tech and call back hoping for a better one. Sometimes you have to do that a couple times before you get a helpful one.