RSSI? Whats the Minimum For A Doorbell to Work OK

I understand that a lower RSSi figure is better than a higher one but from a Ring standpoint what is the upper threshold of normal /acceptable RSSI? My own doorbell rarely gets lower than a minimum of 60 but appears to work OK.

I find it puzzling that a recent update removed a useful hardwired voltage yet retains what is esssentially a meaningless RSSI figure.

Hi @user73569. There isn’t a specific RSSI number required in order for your Ring Doorbell to work. A lower figure does indicate a stronger signal than a higher one, however you mentioned that your Doorbell is working fine. I wouldn’t worry about the exact number showing for the RSSI unless you’re experiencing connectivity related concerns. If you were experiencing connectivity issues, the RSSI would be one piece of information used in troubleshooting.