RSSI went "south"

doorbell v2, installed months ago worked perfect. RSSI -40
Time to charge the battery, over night, solid green, re-installed and RSSI went to -74
Will not detect motion or sometimes not even come up in “devices”

@ColFrank Anything else changed in your set up. Router, placement, any new Wi-Fi devices etc?


Nope - just charged the battery and re-installed

Happened to have a repeater handy, so set up doorbell to access it… now have an RSSI of -50. The repeater is on a window sill pointing right at the doorbell.

Got curious and took the doorbell for a 'walk" while monitoring RSSI
A location change of 3-4 feet could change the RSSI +/- 15 points Strange
No wonder Users are having problems with connections.

Another observation… with no changes my RSSI of -50 changed to -60 and later
back to -50

@ColFrank On the whole Ring kit does need a very strong signal to work well. RSSI can be impacted by a lot of factors like walls, type of walls, temperature, even touching or holding the device. You are correct that most issues people have with Ring kit is Wi-Fi signal strength.

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Did you know people are buying more and more routers? This clogs up the 2.4 spectrum. A neighbor might have changed a wifi channel. Result: you got worse rssi even though you changed nothing.

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