RSSI numbers

I jus brought a chime pro and need help figuring out the signal strength and what the RSSI numbers mean. I have a front & back door bell 4 cam and the RSSI are -60 and -49 both connected to my WiFi. I have 2 spotlight cams and the RSSI numbers r -60 using WiFi & -62 using the chime connection. The other is -73 using WiFi and -65 using chime connection. The chime itself has RSSI number of -39. I put the chime plug bout 3 feet from the router. My 2 doorbells & 1 of the spot light cam which I installed on diff days was working fine, but when I put the other up, things we’re getting slow and not connecting. Can someone tell me what the RSSI numbers r far as being good or bad and what can I do to improve them?

My understanding of how to interpret an RSSI number is:

  • Ignore the negative (-) sign
  • The closer the number is to zero (0), the better

Thus, an RSSI of -39 would be far more desirable than an RSSI of -73.

Have you already read the following article on the Ring website?


I did read the article and still don’t understand a lot. I’ll read again and may have to call for a breakdown so I can figure this out a lil better… Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

Partycakes -

Have you also read the following Ring Community article (which may be more helpful in interpreting individual RSSI values)?

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