RSSI jumping/poor connection

I have a spotlight cam pro and a floodlight. Both connect to my wireless mesh outdoor satellite which has direct line of site to both within 10m. My mesh app shows the connection as very strong to both devices.

The floodlight works pretty flawlessly with an RSSI of about -35.

The spotlight cam however is a different ballgame…… RSSI shows around -50, but then will suddenly jump to -95 and show a weak connection. It will then just as quickly change back to -50. Oddly though even when showing a weak connection live video will load quickly and in good quality, and motion tends to still record. Also seems like sometimes doing a live view forces the connection to strengthen again.

Have played around with router settings and have created a dedicated 2.4ghz network just for the Ring devices.

Any ideas as to what is going on or how to resolve?

Hi @Rossy1000. It sounds like there is something potentially causing interference with the Spotlight Cam, which is what would cause the signal strength to fluctuate like that. Do you ever experience any performance issues with the Spotlight Cam itself? Does the change in the RSSI prevent you from opening the Live View, or cause video quality concerns?

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

Performance seems to always be fine at least so far as I have noticed. As I mentioned before, when it does change to weak signal, simply starting a live view seems to then solve - which is why I’m not so sure is interference related. Almost seems like the camera is reducing its signal power and then when going live increases again.


Hi @Rossy1000. I’m happy to chime in. It could be that your mesh network system is switching which pod is sending its signal to your Camera, which could be one further away. I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of your mesh system to see if there are any settings you can change to stop this from happening. If this is not the case, then reach out to our support team to further investigate.

Thanks @Justin_Ring

I already have the mesh system set to force connect the cameras to a specific node as well as disabling the roaming for these devices.

@Rossy1000. This has been brought to my team’s attention. What has been discovered is that the high jump in RSSI to -95 is a reporting error and does not effect the performance of your device. Our team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible; in the meantime, you can ignore the high RSSI number. Once we have an update regarding this concern, we will make sure to post it here. I will mark this as a temporary solution so others can easily find this information if they have the same concern. Thank you for your time and patience.

Thanks @Justin_Ring

Hopefully this can be resolved soon. Please keep me updated. Let me know if any further info or investigation is needed to help with the resolution.

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Hi all,

I purchased two Spotlight Cam Pro’s a week apart. Neither is far from the router and both show an RSSI of between 54 and 59. My router also marks the signal connection to both as “Strong”.

However, when I connect Solar Panels to them, they will both at random times throughout the day report a weak signal which is consistently at RSSI-95. At the same time, the router still shows them as maintaining a “Strong” connection. Also, when they are displaying this very low connection strength they still function perfectly normally. I can detect no change in their functional capabilities nor in their performance.

Between the router showing a “Strong” connection and there being no perceived difference in performance /function, I tend to think this is more likely to be a firmware bug. Only occurs with the solar panels connected. Disconnect them and there is no issue.

Was wondering if anyone else had noticed this happening with theirs?

Seems to be known issue by Ring which considers issue a reporting anomaly. I tend to disagree. I have two Ring Spotlight Cam Pros. On powered via plugin the other batteries/solar. Only the one powered by batteries/solar experiences frequent RSSI -95 weak signal. I’ve had both cameras for the same amount of time. Issue started 2-3 months ago. My router always indicates full signal strength to both cameras. I have 4 ring cameras. Only one has any signal strength issues.

I find it inexcusable that Ring isn’t giving this a high priority towards achieving a permanent solution. Informing customers that it’s simply a reporting problem that will not impact performance is unacceptable considering Ring has been aware of problems for nearly two months.

Ring has informed me verbally on recent support call that it’s a reporting issue specific to a “limited number of Spotlight Cam Pros based upon manufacturing dates Of so than it seems prudent and appropriate for Ring to replace impacted products based upon when made. The fact that Ring is not doing so speaks volumes about their customer service.

I have the same issue on two battery pro cameras. One other installed camera, that has a weaker signal, is working perfectly. Is there a known fault and, if so, what is Ring doing about it?

I’m having the same issue with my Ring spotlight pro connected to solar. I have 4 Ring devices and this is the only one that does this. I think it’s a flaw in the product.

Ring is doing nothing but repeatedly claiming they are investigating. Either Ring has horrendous product and software engineering or they are simply ignoring the problem.

“ We’re sorry to hear your Spotlight Cam Pro intermittently reports poor signal; rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Know issue since at least July 2023. 4 months later and same If Ring doesn’t resolve I will no longer buy their products.

I’m having the same exact issue with 2 Ring spotlight pros only a week old. Using a Orbi Mesh RBR753 about 20 devices on the network only these reporting extremely weak rssi signals then go back to extremely good rssi 42 then back to 95 also using a iot ssid with only 2.4ghz. Ring please advise just spent $500 on these two cameras with extra battery.

Another one with the same issue, spotlight cam pro connected to solar and the rssi steadily gets worse then for no apparent goes back to under -50.

I started a trouble ticket with Ring advised them I tried every single option, including a hard reset on the camera tried every Wi-Fi channel, including the IOT same issue happening extremely good Wi-Fi and extremely bad Wi-Fi. Once you check the live view in response quickly even when it’s reporting RSSI 95. Ring, technical support listen to my plea for help. They advise me that the solution for now would be a ring chime pro ha ha even on a brand New Orbi solution. They told me that it would be a comp, and they sending me a new chime pro. Received the chime pro today and guess what the same things happening.

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Update two days running with the chime pro same issue rssi-95 on both cameras then pick live view bounces to rssi- 47 stays that way for hours even until next day. Ring please advise these cameras are two weeks old!

@Rossy1000, this was your reply back in August. It is now mid-December. How long should customers expect wait for a solution?

I have also made a post about this a few weeks ago. As an IOT firmware author myself, I have found and fixed the problem with your cameras, but this only works on a router made by myself. The solution in your firmware would be simple and I’ll be super happy to describe it to you if you contact me. In fact I described the solution step by step in my other post. Simple fix. Just a few lines of code. Please get to work on this. At the very least it’s causing confusion on the part of your customers and support phone calls and emails into your company.

I have two separate Ring Spotlight Cam Pro cameras, purchased several months apart, and connected on different routers. In the Ring app, sometimes I notice that the camera Wifi icon shows “red no signal”, and Device Health shows RSSI of -95. Of course it would be just about impossible for the camera to even function at -95…

When the app is showing this condition, I have found that if I enable Live View, the view is seen immediately with completely clear video. When Live view is terminated, the resulting video is communicated to the timeline immediately – something that would not happen if RSSI was even vaguely near -95. After doing this trick of triggering Live view, the camera icon corrects itself, and health correctly shows RSSI of -59 or so. So there is some bug in the firmware that makes these cameras occasionally show RSSI of -95.

Please have your firmware engineers fix the bug so that neophyte users won’t be scared of the red icon, and your support people won’t be overwhelmed by people wondering why they have such bad signal and these red icons… Basically you can make it so that if the firmware (falsely) senses RSSI of -95, just do a retry and the correct signal level will be revealed. It would be a simple fix for sure.

By the way, I write network and wireless firmware on IOT devices for a living. I have two routers – one I created myself, and another provided by the cable company. Both do the same thing even though the firmware is surely completely different. For sure this is a bug in the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro cameras causing it to report RSSI of -95. No other ring cameras do this, and we have multiple Ring cameras of various kinds connected to each of these routers.