RSSI dropped from 54 to 75

Hi, I recently acquired the latest doorbell plus to replace my old doorbell version 2 (not the newer gen 2) and I moved the router to the front window of my house to be as close as possible, and the doorbell is at the front door (about 6 feet distance with no obstacles) and the rssi has dropped from a solid 54 down to 75. Every day it has been gradually getting weaker.

My router is only a few months old, there are no problems with it, there are no appliances turned on and the rssi is still dreadful. What on earth could be going on? It’s very frustrating that the WiFi receiver inside the ring doorbells is still absolutely of poor quality. If I stand next my doorbell my WiFi signal to my phone is solid, giving me roughly 500mbps download speeds. Any help Would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @user75862. The RSSI is a measure of the signal strength, though it doesn’t directly indicate a problem. Have you had issues loading the Live View in the Ring app? Are there video quality concerns with recorded videos?

The general rule of thumb is to have the router within 25 feet of your Ring device, so it’s possible there’s an interference issue here since the distance doesn’t seem to be a problem. When running a speed test on your phone, make sure to turn off mobile data so it’s only utilizing the wifi connection.