RSSI displayed in Grey font not Green, Amber or Red?

When researching my RSSI value I discovered that it should be displayed in Green, Amber or Red depending on its strength. Mine, a mere -67 (I understand this to be poor), is display in Grey. Does anyone know why this is and why its not in one of the three colours?

Hi @FatAlbert130. What type of phone do you have and what version of the Ring app is installed? Is your device online or offline? Can you share a screenshot of this so I can share it with my team? Thank you.

I’m having the same issue

Hi @maheac. We’ll need the same information as mentioned above.

I also have the same problem.
Device online. Phone is iPhone 11. App version 5.61.0

I have the same problem and cannot figure it out. I have a Galaxy S23