RSSI 85 poor wifi

Ring doorbell shows very poor Wi-Fi signal, situated not more than 4 feet from router with only the door between them.

Speed test in the same position averages 250mb

RSSI previously was low 50’s

Have tried re-booting router/modem several times and no difference

Any ideas on how to improve this ?

Also outdoor stickup cam no longer sends movement notifications, all settings same as doorbell (which sends notifications ok). Any idea on this also ?

Hi @Doonareecc. I would check out this article here on wifi interference to see if that is the cause. It might also helps to adjust the ports and protocols your Doorbell is using. I hope this helps!

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You might want to update your router firmware, new firmware may have fixes for your issues. I personally do not like stock router firmware. I use opensource firmware which works far better.
Next thing is try a different channel.