RSSI - 73

Hi, really need some help. I installed my camera on a brick wall at the back of my property but no more than 20 feet from an excellent sky fibre router. I’m getting a weak signal and an RSSI of -73. I’ve looked at the help pages on here and done some research and dont want to pay another £49.99 for a ring chime that by reading comments on here and on amazon are very hit and miss. Any advice?

many thanks

Hey @gw84. Since the camera is installed with a brick wall in between, this could be the reason for your RSSI being so high. You can learn more about what you can do to resolve your RSSI in our Community post here. Additionally, you can also give your router a reboot, trigger a Live View event on your camera, and see how the RSSI is then, as it may improve the quality as well.

Hi Chelsea, thanks for your quick reply, am I right in guessing that the majority of outdoor ring stick up cams will have a high RSSI (poor signal) as they will be positioned outside and receiving a signal through house brick?

I have given my router a 5 minute reboot and its now RSSI -76. I’ve checked the live view on my app and it seems fine. I’m just concearned that I wont be notified, the audio quality wouldnt work or the video wont record should there be motion?

Not that I want to throw money at fixing a problem but if I bought a ring chime, that would also be on the other side of the brick as it will be plugged in the house so wouldn’t really help me.

I’m just trying to figure out what I can do to improve this and get the security and peace of mind I paid for

@gw84 I completely understand where you’re coming from with this. The RSSI for neighbors, even in a similar situation, will tend to vary from time to time. In my personal experience, I had a family member with the same brick home setup, that was experiencing a poor RSSI. They never had any video quality concerns after the first few months, but their Live View sometimes wouldn’t load as fast. Once there was a Chime Pro installed on the other side of the wall of their outdoor camera, it dropped their RSSI by 10 and they experienced faster load times!

For now, if everything for you at the moment is fine, I would say to just monitor it. If you start to experience any video quality issues or anything else discussed in the Community post I linked, it’s worth a shot to try a Chime Pro. With the Chime Pro, if you notice no real change in the RSSI or video quality, purchasing from or Amazon ensures that you have a 30 day return policy. The Chime Pro was designed to help for these kind of concerns, but only when it starts to become a concern for you. The Chime Pro creates it own network that only the Ring devices will specifically use, so it can be very helpful if you end up noticing similar concerns on the video quality. I hope this helps clear it up for you!

Hi Chelsea thanks again for replying, I’ll monitor it and that’s a great idea about testing and returning the chime pro if I see no improvement.

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