RSSI - 56 Help

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can help me out here my ring doorbell always has a RSSI of above 55.

I have a WiFi extender about 2 to 3 foot from front door. No walls are blocking this signal to the doorbell it just has a UPVC door in the way.

Has anyone else experienced poor signals even with an extender?

It also runs on 2.4 ghz

Hi @JakeA. Are you experiencing any performance issues with the Doorbell, such as the Live View not loading? The RSSI is a measure of the signal strength and is helpful when troubleshooting performance issues with your Doorbell. If everything is working well, you don’t need to worry about the RSSI.

I will note that wifi extenders are intended to be placed at around a halfway point between your router and the device you’re extending the signal to. If the extender is too far from the router, it won’t have a good signal to extend to your device.


Yes I am experiencing video quality issues.

The extender is set in the perfect position in regards to TP Link.

I also have a stick up cam right near the router and gets around -46.

I can’t stress enough how close these devices are to the nearest WiFi point.

@JakeA We have a list of troubleshooting steps for video quality issues here that may help. Ultimately, improving the signal will likely resolve any video quality concerns you’re experiencing. I’d suggest checking with your internet service provider to ensure you are getting the correct speeds for your plan, and that there are no other devices causing interference. They should also be able to confirm if your wifi extender is receiving a good signal to extend.