Routine/Skill to turn motion tracking on when away

I was looking for a way to turn the stick up cam motion tracking on when the alarm is set away. I have a Schlage lock that can turn the system away. I don’t see any routines or skills that automate the camera settings. Am I missing something?

Great question, @ktsjackson! At first glance, it sounds like you might be referring to our Modes feature. Modes allows you to control all of your Ring Cameras in customizable modes. For example, disarmed mode might disable motion detection if it is not necessary while you are home. There is a disarmed, home, and away mode.

There is also the ability to link certain devices together in your Ring app to obtain more automation from your ‘Ring of security’. Check out our help center article about linked devices for more information. In addition to the above, Alexa has many options available for Ring and Alexa enabled devices, in regards to integrations and automation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: