Round lens visible

I have just set up my ring plus, I’m getting frustrated as I can see the round lens when live or recorded viewing.
My relatives and friends have ring doorbells and they don’t have the round lens when viewing.
I thought by purchasing the more costly plus model, the quality would be better, but seeing this round lens is frustrating, I’ve got the motion range/area set to full but I’m still seeing the round lens.
Any help would be appreciated, unless I have a faulty product.
I would include a screenshot on here but I can’t see anywhere to upload a photo.

When I read your post, at first I couldn’t quite picture what you were describing. But then I took a look at my Video Doorbell 3, which is probably one of their less expensive battery models. I just noticed that the picture is a lot “rounder” than I remember–like a fish-eye effect. And it does look like the camera lens is showing around the edge.

I uploaded a picture of a screenshot of my video doorbell live view. Is this what you are seeing? I have to say I don’t recall the video doorbell picture being quite so round. I wonder if there was a firmware update, and I just never noticed? Weird…


In order to upload a picure, click on the blue up arrow at the bottom. I’ve attached another screenshot and circled in red where to click.