Rossi is stuck at 63?

My router and camera are about 20 ft apart. I added an extender but still don’t get notifications until the person is walking away. Also I only get notifications if someone is within 6 or 7 ft of the camera. Any idea how to fix these issues?

Hi @Tenna1970. This could be due to the positioning of your Ring Camera. What specific model do you have? A low RSSI will typically yield slower notifications. Try connecting your Ring Camera to a WiFi hotspot to see if that will allow you to get notifications faster. This will let you know if your network connection is the issue. Let me know if this helps.

I connected an extender, outside, approximately 7’ from the camera with no change. I continue to only get notifications when a person is even with the camera when they arrive, not when they leave. I currently have my front yard divided into 3 zones instead of two. How far, in feet, can I expect my camera to be able to pickup a person?

I have a spotlight camera. I live in Florida so I’m using solar. It’s approximately one year old. It’s only alerted us as I mentioned above except for a short time it gave alerts to car lights on the street next to my house. Did that for about a week.

Thank you.

Hi @Tenna1970. I suggest reviewing this Help Center article here to ensure that your Spotlight Cam is positioned correctly. You may need to move your WiFi access point around to different areas to see where you get the best signal. Let me know if this helps!