Room assignment for Sensors on Retrofit

Retrofit setup is smooth. All sensors working well as expected.
Room assignment done through this process does not work as intended. Apparently, all sensors take the room assigned to retrofit device itself or room assigned to the last zone. App is completely useless to do it. Web interface atleast helping to put each sensor in the right room but cannot update retrofit location. And everytime new sensor is added to the device, the setup goes away.

This is clearly not a feature request because web app is able to do it ‘partially’. If the setup process (on android) expects to assign rooms to each sensor including retrofit device but fail to do so - It is a BUG. Please fix this ASAP as i see this issue has been highlighted and not addressed since more than a year. In

Hi @Sagar_k. Thank you for this feedback. I will bring this to the attention of the team that works of this portion of the Ring app to hopefully provide clarity.