Risk of Ring Stick Up Cam being stolen

This may either be a really stupid question because I’ve missed something in the installation, or a real concern. A Ring Stick Up Cam arrived yesterday and has been installed above the back door… easy install and works fine. But it can be simply lifted off the back plate which is screwed to the wall. There’s no way of screwing it onto that plate, it just slots on. So if someone comes to the back door and can reach it, they can take it… I’ll get a video of the thief at least.

Anything that is sitting around your yard is easy to take. Do you nail down any lawn furniture so it can’t “walk” off?
I have several cameras, one in easy arms reach of someone standing in my back yard, but I just don’t worry about it. If someone is in my back yard then there’s bigger issues to worry about than whether they walk off with some insignificant bobble that in the long run doesn’t compare in price to my safety.

Good luck!

I get that, it just surprised me that the design makes it so easy to just lift it off the back plate. Most thieves are opportunists, and even the act of undoing ONE screw would be enough to put most off (especially if they have their face in front of a camera while they’re doing it)… and they’d need to have a screwdriver with them.

Hi @djadams. We do not currently offer a anti-theft device to secure the Stick-Up Cam to it’s mounting location. This is a great idea though! I suggest adding this to our Feature Request board!