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I called Ring customer service about my issue with the Ring app. Recently, someone trespassed onto my property and in my distress I couldn’t find the Siren to scare them away. I was frustrated because the Siren and Light icons of the Flood light cam were so small on the app and tucked under the upper right corner of the LIVE feed. I thought those two icons deserved better billing. There was all this empty ‘real estate’ under the feed. I wondered: “Why doesn’t Ring use that space below the Live Feed to make access to the Siren and Lights a larger icon for us thick fingered people to access more easily?” So, I called Ring and spoke to a representative and posed my question. Well, I guess my idea was a good one or my timing was in timing with Ring’s, because a few days later, the app reflected the idea I had suggested to Ring. You can now access the lights and the siren on the LIVE feed more easily. I feel good about being an average consumer, who made a suggestion to a company that is still so people-oriented that they considered the suggestion and made it a reality. Now, how cool is that? I feel even safer using my Ring Flood light cam! Thanks, Ring for giving me a little consumer victory! Does anyone else have a positive story where RING gave you some of the best customer service that you’re sure other companies wouldn’t have? Thanks for reading.


they’re not the pro version they’re last gen wired 190 a piece or so

I purchased a floodlight pro, was dissatisfied, commented on Play store of my dissatisfaction of its operations, ring representative contacted me to help me correct my dissatisfaction, been communicating back and forth for 4 weeks, the decision was made to try a different camera, this did not correct the issue, 2 additional weeks a new decision was made to change to a different type of camera, this corrected the issue, has continued to contact me to verify my satisfaction with my ring product, has also contacted me to let me know that he was going on vacation for a week, he would contact me when he returns.
this is more support than I would have expected from ANY company under ANY circumstances, ring has my FULL support on their ability to correct any issues if given the proper time. YAY RING

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