Ring's Listener can integrate existing fire protection!

If your existing, hard-wired security system has an annunciator which is compliant with current codes, you can place the Ring Listener next to that annunciator and it will cause the Ring security system to “hear” and respond to your hard-wired system’s alarm going off. This is REALLY USEFUL if your hard-wired system has multiple heat and smoke sensors, as you won’t need to replace all of them. You should not need to arm your hard-wired system, as fire protection devices are supposed to always be active. And if your current annunciator is not compliant (it has to make the correct two-tone sound for the Ring device to hear it) you can almost certainly buy a replacement which is compliant. I had to do so. It was VERY easy to make the swap - removed two wires from the old device and attached them to the new one. Only difficulty was making sure I kept the polarity correct, and all that took was testing the annunciator wires at the control panel for continuity at the annunciator. As a side note, if you do arm your old hard-wired panel, then the Ring will also hear any alarm condition from your door and window sensors, and will react to those, too. Ring also now sells a device which allows you to hard-wire those contacts to a ring device, and of course that is a more robust option. But that said, the listener can also do the job, and it’s sure a heck of a lot easier to install, plus it will monitor the existing fire protection devices. All this, of course, assumes your hard-wired system works properly. The Ring Listener can’t hear an alarm which never sounds! Ring’s Listener can integrate existing fire protection!

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Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @MRKing! Surely, other neighbors will benefit from this information. We are happy to see that you are enjoying your Alarm Listener! :slight_smile: