Ringing Existing Doorbell

My existing mechanical doorbell is compatible with Ring and I have connected my Ring doorbell to the 24v AC power supply at the front door. I have a Ring chime plugged in as well and it works ok. But my existing doorbell does not ring when the Ring doorbell is pressed. Should it ring as well?

I am having the very same issue. Hoping someone on here can help.

Doorbell wires are delicate and, if old, easily broken. Check your connections first and then check for 24VDC at the doorbell (with someone holding the button in).

The wiring could be broken under the insulation but usually it is broken at the terminal screw and possibly happened when the unit and wiring was being pushed back into the holder.

I have same issue. My Ring 3 shows that it is charging from the connected transformer so I do not think there is any problem with wiring. What else could it be?

I know in the intsrtuctions it says the direction of the wires doesn’t matter, but when I switched the direction, mine started working correctly.